The Worst Night

Seriously, Sashka looks like he's about to fray to the wind, and Ash is speaking in tongues. Worst night ever.

Sorry about last week's filler. I am still not finished with my homework, but the stress has been taken off, and I'm going to start working on it when I finish this comment and maybe a short break. I have a Smudge in my lap, and this is a rare and wonderful gift. I think he's cold (I am!). He is warm and cuddly in my lap (even if he is kinda too big for it). But you didn't come here to listen to me go on at length about my cats!

Thanks to the course, there are a lot of things I plan to change about the Ashayta process. I'm going to try to get more stuff thumbnailed in advance, and Shamus is getting his groove together with writing scripts and giving me the pre-thumbnails. I've already moved my side of the thumbnailing to digital, and I have new paper to work on, starting with the very next page. Colouring will probably be changing a bit in the next while as well, since there were a lot of mind blowing moments in the comics course where my instructor did things I had never even conceived of how to make happen, not to mention the experience improving my eye for my work a lot more (so I am fiddling with the smallest of things forever omg DX ).

I am really looking forward to getting the comics coursework finished so I can get into working full swing on Ashayta. I am excited for what we are up to, and that is always a good sign. :)