Wait wait!

Terra, haven't you seen this movie before? D: You guys are so doomed.

Sorry about the delayed page last week, guys. I kinda lost my mind while doing the thumbnail/roughs/pencils for this page, and it took me like three solid days. I was implementing a lot of stuff I learned in my comics course, which involved a new method for flats, an entirely new layer structure (which I need to make a template for now, so I don't have to go around making and organizing new layers forever), a different method of shading (I hope the jump isn't too jarring, but it probably saved me about 2 hours on an already lengthy page), and a new way of doing backgrounds. I like these trees much better, and the way I'm doing it nicely dodges my preference for non-copy-pasted backgrounds, while getting most of the benefits! Yay!

Sadly, I've gotten a bit lost in my colour-picking, so some of the colours might be a bit weird in continuity, such as Sashka's eyes. He wasn't supposed to have glowy-deer-in-headlights eyes last page. >_> I don't even know where I got the colour for his red shirt on the last page, but I went with it on this page, because I didn't want to go hunting down my source and changing however many pages need to be changed. Shamus and I have already decided that the entirety of the first two chapters probably needs to be redrawn/rescripted anyway, but that will come later.

Thanks for reading, everyone. <3