Oh Jeez!

That's one hell of a headache, there, Ash. Do you need some ibuprofin or something? o_o

I was having so much trouble with this page, you guys. I am so glad that Ash is on his feet, because drawing him all passed out and stuff was a nightmare. I actually decided to learn hiragana to give my brain a rest from working on panel two, and there are horrifying flesh coloured maquettes littered all around my desk (the sculpting stuff I have is this awful flesh colour).

I'm not terribly chatty today, actually, despite my eventful week, because I had two hours of dental work done this morning, and then I got to come home and work on the comic while my face unfroze. Only two hours past our normal posting time! Not bad!

very good!

Aw man, Ash looks like he's gonna explode Terra and she was just trying to help. Well, time for me to get back to working on this image theme for english class. I really don't mesh well with english. I really mesh well with math. So, in a rare compromise I ended up picking an image by Albrect Durer, a 1500's artist who was also big time into the maths. Anyhoo, thanks for the awesome comic!

Ash Smash

The last two panels are really well done! They really evoked a feeling of doom.

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