It is surprisingly hard to come up with an accurate onomatopoeia for helicopters, despite Shamus and I living near a military airfield and thus gaining a bit of familiarity with such things.

It is also really difficult to draw people of different heights sitting down. I think I know what I need to practice soon!

Nobody saw Sashka wearing a green sweater on the last page, btw. It was purple all along, I swear. >_>

Public Service Announcement

Hey, you guys should all go check out Throw Trucks With Your Mind. That link is to a kickstarter for the project. A friend of mine, Lat, is working on it, and I have played it, and I cannot stress enough that this game is amazingly fun.

As I write this, it's sitting around 70% of its funding, with about a week left. With our help, Lat can make it a reality!