Sorry I'm late with this. Designing armor is not my strong point, and I got halfway through what was supposed to be this week's page before I decided I was entirely unsatisfied with the design of the helicopter people. So you get to see my struggles with designing fancy modern/futuristic armor. I don't think I'm satisfied with any of these yet, so I need to keep working on them. Hopefully I'll get something decent in the next day or so.

Helicopter People

I was picturing people with spinning rotors coming out of their helmet or something. But power armor is cool too.

Umm... You still there? It's

Umm... You still there? It's been like months, helicopters and armor can't be that bad

I have a fever...

... and the only cure is more magical kitty.

I keep checking back, hoping.

I keep checking back, hoping. I'll continue to do so periodically, because the comic is fun. I just hope everything's going ok!

The first resort

Well, time for a reread then. There's only one thing to say: I'll be back.

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