Oh my god, guys, I am so sorry. My life exploded the week I posted the filler image. I have seriously been pecking at this page for two months. It sucked. Anyway, hopefully things should be clearing a bit now, and I'm hoping to manage at least a page a week, but my fingers are still crossed. The next page is about 75% pencilled as of 6pm today.

Thanks to everyone who nudged us gently and not so gently, I really appreciate your interest, and it really did help me get moving on everything. You guys are awesome.

RSS Feed

There is now an RSS feed that you can use to follow the comic. It's linked in the page header, so if you're using the right sort of browser you'll get a little RSS icon up in your title bar or something. If you don't have one of those, you can stick

into your feed reader of choice.

Also, some people may have noticed that I broke our commenting right around the time we didn't update for two months. This was simply an unfortunate coincidence, I assure you! It really was guys, I'm really not that devious. :(

Anyway, here's to more Ashayta!