Artist's Ramblings

So two epic Painter crashes, a style change, and a new keyboard later, Chapter 1! My R key stopped working last night. This led to me typing such things as "I want to thow this keyboad in the habou" and "fffffffffffffffffffff!" It was a good time, really.

I had a 24 hour crisis about my painting style that was remedied by staring at a beautifully painted comic book, moping around for a long time, and rediscovering brushes that I've been ignoring for the last 8 pages or so. The brush I've been using for everything has been banished back to being only used for hair once more. I've also started being a little more daring in my colour choices, though that only started when I was about halfway through this page, and ready to trash the whole thing.

As dramatic as this page was, I'm glad I stuck with it. There are still things that drive me nuts about it, but I'm pretty happy with some things. This page's "tiny thing I love that no one else will notice" is Lance's backpack. I really need to start adding closeups of these things because they are AWESOME.