This page was brought to you by Tylenol Cold, copious amounts of green tea, and orange juice. Oh my god, I have the worst cold in existence. I could only colour this page about 30 minutes at a time at points because just sitting in this chair was exhausting.

Shamus and I had a big long chat about what's upcoming (rather than the handwavey ideas I had), and now I'm really excited to get this show going. Why does work have to get in the way?

Also, Shamus made me a texture brush that is AWESOME and now I don't hate colouring Sashka's jacket anymore.


Lesley they're supposed to think that I just come up with this stuff on the spot, not that I've been obsessively plotting this out for years. <_<

This continues to make me smile.

"Except you Lance, you're weird."

Wonderful work! I can't wait

Wonderful work! I can't wait for you two to be discovered by some big comic company, who's going to make you obscenely rich!


I can't wait either! waits by the phone in anticipation

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