Ash Has Plans

Lesley and I have both been hit pretty hard with a nasty cold that's been going around town. We were hoping to have this up sooner but our efforts were stymied by aches and fevers. Ah well, here it is!

"Font" size

I changed the pen I was using to letter this comic. Let me know what you think, please. Seeing as I've been staring at this for the last week, I'm kind of blind to whether it's good or not (especially since Painter is a piece of crap resizes things terribly and all pixellated like. The final page is not at all what I'm looking at in Painter most of the time.)


I also had this monster cold. Well done, getting through it while still being productive! I just slept and watched WALL-E.

I think the new pen is a little light, personally, after the pixellation, but maybe just because I was used to the old one.


Yeah, this cold is pretty brutal. I seriously thought I had bronchitis, but the clinic doctor told me to suck it up.

I think you may be right about the new pen. I'm thinking it's not actually doing what I changed it to do/there's not enough of a difference in what I was trying to accomplish. Ah well, the joy of webcomics is that I can do this sort of thing and not worry about it too much. I'll see if there are any other thoughts out there. shamelessly fishes for comments >_> before making a final decision though.

Caught one!

I have to agree, the pen is noticeably lighter but personal preference prompts me to say so. I like a deeper contrast with the dialogue box. :)

Also, as an unprompted comment, I think you do amazing work with the expressiveness in the characters' hands. I find my eyes drawn to more than just the commentary.

It's super effective!

Okay, back to 05 pen it is. More contrast is probably better anyway, you're right.

And thank you for the comment on the hands. I sometimes struggle with them, so knowing that someone is enjoying what I'm doing makes me really happy. Thanks!

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