Oh god, that tea set

I want to know who gave it to her, and why she's using it. Though Sashka does take the threat pretty seriously there.

Trying some new things again with lettering. Mai is emphatic, and her pet is displeased with her and wants all the cookies.

Soundtrack for colouring this page was the album Year Zero from Nine Inch Nails. Over and over. Very good mooziks.

I really like Mai's

I really like Mai's outfit!

Mai's outfit

Mai is in the comic to balance out all of the fashion disasters we call "the rest of the cast".

So like...

...this is a sex date, right?

Because this is totally that.


No it isn't. They're former room-mates, and in a band together. Mai is much more likely to do Sashka's hair and make him talk about boys with her. Sorry to disappoint.

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