Page 20!

It seems like a big milestone. Sure we had that little break in there during the summer, but here we are at page 20, with: Ash being a dork to his little sister, Jessica.

Oh my god, the stairs. THE STAIRS.


Hrmmm... Those fish look familiar!

re: Fishes

I... don't know what you're talking about....

Actually they were painted from memory, and I don't even know where the original paintings are right now. I can't even remember what type of fish they're supposed to be. >_>


Hmm, after going over the comic this time, I noticed the fish with different perspectives paintings and the Ash's parents paintings. I think the first few times I was thinking how similar Jessica's appearance is to mine. Though, I don't have pink hair clips and I'm thinking about going back to a shorter haircut. I also like that vase with the blue ribbon for some reason, wonder what all those pins on Ash's bag depict/are, and wonder if Ash/Jessica reflect their parents personality. If Ash's father is more spontaneous and his mother is more traditional, or if the children are very, very different from their parents in personality and values. </ramble>

re: commentary!

Thanks, amy. It's nice to know I'm inspiring repeated examinations of the pages, if for no other reason than I'm slow at updating. :) You'll have to wait for a comment for Shamus for the personality stuff. I know vague bits, but most of the time, I'm being concerned with the very next page, and whether or not I should make another cup of tea, or if I should stick it out working for another 20 minutes. :)

Always appreciate comments, so much love!

Hello from Chigaya

Hello Lesley...

As promised
Hope you had a wonderful day.
I just wanted drop a line to say "Hi" and enjoyed your art!!

Let's keep in touch and get together soon.

Chigaya Smith

re: hello

Hi Chigaya! Glad to hear you liked it. :)

We edited out some of your info from your comment for security purposes, but I've kept it all in a personal file. Thanks much!

re: commentary!

For what it's worth, Ash and Jessica's parents will be getting some "screen time" in the next chapter. In general though, they do mimic their parents a bit (Ash their father, and Jessica their mother), but I'd say that they're a bit toned down.

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