Fret fret fret

Oh my jeez, the longer I worked on this page, the more I wanted to smack Sarah. She is demonstrating the prevailing attitude towards aterpsions, though; that they can barely do anything for themselves because of their lack of psychic ability. While Lance may not be able to open all the doors he comes across, he does pretty well for himself, and doesn't buy into all that crap like so many others.

In other news, Lance's uncle, Michael, has the biggest ears ever.


I always think about that, and wonder, "hey, I bet Lance could put together a fiery-smoking mech-key, maybe powered by a crystal embued with some trace amount of that inidividual's psychic energy." .... sometimes I think too much about odd things. Like: I wonder if there's going to be an Ashtaya halloween wallpaper/themed comic, or anything like that in the future, like for christmas, perhaps. It seems like something a lot of webcomic artists do as a fun, relaxed, off scenes tool and I'm not sure if that's something you're interested in or not, but it doesn't hurt to mention it :) As always, happy to see an update, and look forward to the future :)

re: webcomics

Sadly, no Halloween comic/wallpaper/doodle this year. I'm still trying to get back in the groove of updating regularly. You should expect some sort of Christmas dooflingy though.

While I was working at the tea shop, I really only had time to spit out a page. Now that I'm full time comics and errands, I'm starting to get some other stuff done that isn't just straight up work that will appear in the comic. Things are comic together in some sort of random way.

Your comments are much appreciated, Amy. It's always nice to see there's an audience out there. :)

random thoughts off the port bow

hehe, I keep trying to pinpoint why Lance's uncle looks so familiar to me, but I can't quite place it. I'm not sure if he resembles some celebrity I can't think of, or if it's his resemblance to my Jr. high school math teacher. Though, Lance's uncle lacks the appropriate math teacher apparel of courderoys and plaid/checkered shirt. Pocket protector, from what I recall being optional. I also can't help but feel inclined to go make his aunt some tea and assure her everything's ok. I attribute that to panels four and six. Maybe a nice rooibos. nods.

Random Comment

Uncle non-Sarah person looks like a young guy with an old man's mustache. For some reason. Actually, he could very well be a young guy with an old man's mustache.

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