On the way!

And away they go!

I tried a new shading method with this page, which I think I'm going to stick with. It's a lot less work, and a lot more like painting. Let me know what you think!

New update schedule

Hey folks. We've been managing to update fairly consistently on Monday for a little while now, so we've decided to officially make that our weekly update day. Thanks to everyone for following us. We appreciate it more than is strictly legal in some countries. :)


Where DO they even get those fish.

Everyone needs a little mech-tech sometimes

I like the new shading, personally. Also, YAAAY UPDATE TIME :D

I couldn't help but think, that Terra would really want to pull some smoking, whirring, puttering mech-tech contraption out for Lance. Kind of like tums or some other stomach quelling remedy. Though, I'm pretty sure that, given the reputation of mech-tech, such gadgets and toys would be strictly prohibited thanks to the unfair (but likely sensible) precaution of not allowing mech-tech on public transit. Re: Injury, explosions, collateral damage, insurance reasons. Still, that wouldn't stop Terra from wanting to cheer poor nauseous Lance up, somehow! Despite her utter inability to.

As always, I look forward to the next update with baited breath, all the while wondering whether the fish mentioned may be the same variety as the fish in the painting at Ash's place. Sleep-time-now! :)

re: mech-tech

You know, maybe Lance just needs a sound enhanced Rubik's cube. Hm.

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