Can I go home?

Sashka really wants to know if it's too late to opt out of this whole camping fiasco.

Deven, on the other hand, wants new friends.

Lance's comment was normal!

That wily industrial Sashka though, poor guy. No skyscrapers? buzz-kill. On the other hand, poor Deven. I think he needs a hug, some tea, and maybe an adorable little kitten.

re: adorable little kitten

I'm pretty sure Deven needs more than one kitten to fix this.

And yeah, Ash is totally a wet blanket.

re: adorable little kitten

I'll have to pin my hopes of Devon feeling better on Sashka's being able to build a "kitten factory" that can produce multitudes of kittens, until he is overcome with cute. :)

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