Endurance Trees

Oh my god, we are two pages into this camping trip and I am sick to death of drawing trees. Can you guess where my patience ran out with them? Note: it's not where the city of Belydon stretches into the distance.

Sashka and Lance are not built for endurance. Sashka smokes too much, and I expect Lance probably doesn't wear the appropriate safety materials in the mech tech lab when he can get away with it.

Amy's captions for the

Amy's captions for the day:
Lance: ROCKET BOOTS! That's what we need!
Sashka: but he's our lying bastard
Devon: I'm doing good, keeping between the polar-opposites of crazy. That talking seems to be good to
Terra: Oh, this is good exercise, since I'm not doing any dance at the moment. And Devon's good company too!
Ash: Wheeee! Mountain!

re: Amy's captions

I really think Sashka was wishing for Ash to be someone else's lying bastard.

And yes, Ash's caption is pretty accurate.

Thank you so much for commenting every week, Amy. It might be true that I check the page obsessively after an update so I can see your comment. Maybe. It's possible that I might do that. Really though, I appreciate it a lot. <3

I'm really happy to comment.

I'm really happy to comment. I enjoy the comic, and well. As a maker of things and stuff. I know it's a lot more rewarding when you know others are enjoying those created things as well. I might also check obsessively as to when the next update happens. I'm curious as to how things will develop! You're doing awesome, too! The update schedule is very well kept to!

Lesley, this page looks

Lesley, this page looks beautiful! I love the colors and layout, and drawing all those trees paid off.

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