There goes Christmas

So sorry for the delay in updating. Christmas and all, you know. It was lovely, by the way, hearing from all of you that I saw in person, how much you enjoyed reading the comic. It's nice to hear that people are reading and enjoying it.

Before leaving to do my visiting, I ran out of time and patience for the page, and so I said "I can totally finish this page in an hour after getting back on Sunday!" Which of course was just sending out a signal to have me crushed in my hubris somehow. Turns out that two Christmas meals in a row give me a pain in my stomach like being stabbed for 8 hours. Shamus and I got back from visiting and me being sick at the last place, only to have me moan on the couch for a few hours, and then crash into the sleep of the dead at 10pm.

I'm not entirely better today, but I am at least functional, and much less stabby in the tummy. Despite New Year's, things should be much more on track next week. Hope you all had a great holiday!


Welcome back to the land of the living.
Luv, mom

(I think I may have been camping with these guys)


No worries, christmas sneaking up and capturing webcomic folks is what the holidays is all about, well. A little bit. Glad to see the new update :D

eep, images?

Did something horrible happen regarding the images linked on the page? I see a lot of boxes with "X" on them.

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