Squee! The comic is

Squee! The comic is live!


Hi everyone. The comic is up!

http://www.ashayta.com/comic/1 will take you to the beginning of the comic; we've batched up the first 3 pages for this first update.

Next update should be live next Monday (May 10th). We may have more to say before then. Stay tuned! Or... bookmarky! Or whatever it is you do on these interwebs things.




Yay! Looks great!

Looking good, you two...

...quite good


...any chance of an RSS feed in the near future?


How does this happen without me finding out about it?

RSS Feed

Durr, I was sure there was something I'd forgotten.

Yes, consider an RSS feed on the "to do soon" list.


Total awesomesauce


Yea for yous! it's up! it's up! And lookin' good.

Interesting. Veeeery

Interesting. Veeeery interesting. Added it to my list of comics to follow.


Looking good! Can't wait for more :)

unsettling (check)... dreamous (check)... want more (check)

This looks really good - compelling art Lesley!

Nice. Added into my bookmarks

Nice. Added into my bookmarks for sure.


Thanks for all the encouraging comments, you guys. It's really awesome to see that you enjoy it.

Site suggestions

Thanks too, to everyone who's been sending me suggestions and bug reports about the website. I've got a decent list of things to work on now, so hopefully in the next week or so we should see some improvements. :)

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