So having Shamus home for a week means that I get absolutely nothing done on the comic. He's back to work tomorrow, so I won't have anyone around to distract and bother, which means I should be back to work promptly on the comic. So sorry!

This is a sketch of Ash for a prelude that never saw page thumbnails. In the story, the main cast was celebrating the Dawn Festival, which is Eden's New Year, so I thought it was appropriate for missing today's update.

In other news, I finally got a new keyboard, so the C and enter keys work again, and this one is DISHWASHER SAFE. Not that we have a dishwasher, but still. We got the extended warranty on this one, so I can get it replaced twice in the next three years if it breaks again, seeing as I went through two keyboards failing randomly on me in 2010. Woo C!


Ash has problems. With his brain.

Bless the C!

I presume it's the mighty letter which has helped to bring back color and joy to the website. Shamus probably helped too. Time for some sleep, but I'll be back tomorrow peers at the refresh button

I am also forced to concur with Shamus on the topic of Ash's brain. Perhaps it just needs more Mech-tech!

This is very Miyazaki. I

This is very Miyazaki. I approve.

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