Far too late

Oh, Terra, what have you gotten yourself into?

I love Deven's transition between panel 2 and 4 here. I think I sort of forgot that Deven is actually physically capable of smiling.


Colouring this page was TERRIFYING. I had to keep panning the page around, as I tend to do, and there was Deven's face, right in the center of the page. So scary. T_T


Oh, this comic caused me to laugh and be amused so much. I mean, I didn't know Deven was quite capable of that look, and all I can think of is, "Big bad wolf". And the fact that he's all in cahoots with Ash. Oh dear, Terra, I wish you luck in future panel. To Sashka, I wish clarity, for he looks befuddled by the whole situation as the smoke wafts away. And to Lance, hrm, I don't think lance needs anything, with that sense of cheery optimism.

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