Wait, woah!

Dudes! Ash is rich?! How did that happen? Sashka is shocked. And that padlock is never going back on that door, I tell you what. I'm sure there are easier ways, guys.

In other news, we had an exciting weekend. My computer contracted a virus on Friday night which ended up with us formatting the hard drive. :D It's a good thing I'd been working ahead a bit for this comic, or it would have been a pretty hard crush to get it done on time. All is well now, though, and all I'm missing is the cigarette smoke brush I made for Sashka (he's not on the next page, hooray!), and all of my bookmarks. A friend directed me to xmarks which is a bookmark backup/syncing plugin thinger, so hopefully this won't happen again.

The internet is a boring place without my bookmarks. ._. So lonely.

Aaaaaaand, to make a long post even longer: I've been listening almost exclusively to Nine Inch Nails while working on the comic for the last 3.5 months. It's quite appropriate music for the comic, but I might be looking for a little variety. Any thoughts for somewhat similar music that I may not be aware of?

mysql broked

It needs cheezburger.


Yeah, we've been having some problems with the database server with our host lately. Sorry about that; I've recovered your comment to this comic (I assume this is the one it was supposed to be attached to!)


Music Similar to Nine Inch Nails that's good for Ashayta?
I suggest God Lives Underwater. Their "Life in the so called space age" seems particularly appropriate.

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