It lives!

Oh Deven, Ash and Lance care little for your "logic."

Sooooo! Long time no update. So sorry about that. Our lives really exploded in a powerful fashion there, and somehow we ended up living in California at the end of it. I'm... not even really sure how that happened, really. Anyway, we finally have all the means to start making comics again, including a brand new version of Painter and a swanky new A3 scanner (this means that Shamus doesn't have to scan the pages and stitch the pieces together anymore).

I also got a new computer (giving my old computer to the cause of "make my parents have nonsucky computers"), though I almost lost the backup of the comic in the process. My new one is a convertible tabletPC, so I am actually colouring the pages right on the screen now, instead of on a plastic tablet with no visual feedback. It's interesting, and I think as I get used to the process, it will allow for much more spontaneity during paints.

Also, with such a long break between comic pages, I have vaguely changed my working preferences. You may notice with the next few pages that the inking style is changing, or that characters look a little different (though the latter is really just me being out of practice), but hopefully everything will settle down for the better in short order.

Tell your friends we're updating again!

Glad to be back!

I'm actually really pleased that we've finally posted another page. This one has been a long time in coming (hooray for real life intruding on stuff you actually want to do) but I'm happy with how it came out.

Now the real trick is actually keeping on top of this.