So Much Mountain Dew

This page was brought to you by SuperHappyDevHouse45, a giant Slurpee, and a bunch of bitching and moaning.

Shamus and I went to this huge geek party thing, where everyone brings their laptops and works on their stuff in a giant room together (or at least that's how I saw it). I plowed through three pages of pencils and inks to be ready for it, and then got about 70% of the flats done for one page when I was there. I also drank 4 cans of Mountain Dew. @_@

It was a good time, though exhausting, and Shamus and I need to have business cards, or an easier to spell URL for the next one. Hopefully by then I will be more in tune with this computer set up so I don't just spent most of the time wanting to throw my computer into the Bay.

Good news for you guys though, the production of 3 scanned pages within a week means I am well back into my drawing groove, if not the colouring one. Once I hit my stride with that, I expect we will be looking into increasing the update speed, so we can get out of this forsakenly long intro, and into the bit that's actually exciting. owo

Much love to you guys. Don't forget to tell your friends to read it. Comment if you like it (I still have no friends in California. I am so very alone.).

Oh and one more thing!

I just nagged Shamus to add a link to another comic that we both enjoy. It's a diary comic that was started while the artist was in school as an assignment, and she has kept it going ever since. Well worth a read, and also to click through and look at her vote incentives as well. Shazbaa's a funny lady. :)