Those windows in the background took me about 3 days, and a trip to town to take over 100 reference images. It also required about 15 cups of various teas, a cherry square, and a possibly unhealthy amount of chocolate.

For reference, most pages can be completed within 3 days from thumbnails to coloured and textured page. The windows themselves took as long as the rest of the page. t

Of course, then Shamus looked at me a day after I'd completed the page and said "there's an awful lot of leaves on those bushes outside the windows." It's supposed to be early spring in Belydon right now.


They're evergreens.

So I decree.

re: Evergreens

Damn straight they are.


I keep trying to read the posters, they've just got squiggles on them, don't they? *^_^


I forgot to add my name to that last post... >_>


Caffeinated beverages can SO sustain us! d


An italics d is so not what I put there ):


Artai: No, they're written in Edanian. All the posters actually say stuff.

Re: posters


Character replacements

Okay, I've fixed the problems that caused the weird issues with asterisks causing strange things like italicized Ds.

Surround your words with single asterisks for italics.
Surround them with double asterisks for bold.
And triple gives you both.
And hey, underscores give you underlines.

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