Social Skills

Deven is a social master.

So sorry about the unannounced skip day. I actually ended up completely reinstalling Painter the day after the comic was supposed to be up. Seems to be mostly behaving for the time being, but I am still looking with an eye towards Photoshop.

I am getting really excited for the next couple pages, you guys. omg omg. I can't wait!


Way to get over the hoverhand, Deven! Bravo. Too bad about your mouth still talking.

Site changes

I just reworked a bit of how the site presents the archives. I've pulled the filler out of the general archive, so if you click back to the beginning and read through the comic, it won't be interrupted. If you want to see filler that we've posted, check the archive page -- it's all collected there. Old links will still work.

This means that our archive page numbers now actually line up with the page of the comic, which is handy. This has been kind of a pain for us. And now it's fixed!

If anyone encounters something acting weirdly, particularly with navigation through the archive, please let us know!


Also, hypothermia is NOT a joke.

Social skills: can't has.

Social skills: can't has. Neither Deven nor Terra, it seems. Someone should let Lance know that fire, which prevents hypothermia, can be created using explosions. A short hypothesis of more explosions = more fire = less risk of hypothermia should get Lance more on board with the fire and warmth idea. And probably leave us with craters and explosions in the next comic.

Yay new design

The site look much better on iOS now! :D

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