Crazy town!

Sashka is pretty sure that he has somehow ended up in Crazy Town. Also, he thinks that Deimos guy is likely to eat him. All he wanted was a cigarette, guys! D:

Does Deimos have a british accent?

Because, you know. British.

who to trust?

The grim dude with anti-coddle features, and leathery bat wings, or the seemingly distressed lady with angelic wings who seems likely to take a more kindly approach to things. Hmmm, tough choices, tough choices. If only one of them had cigarette incentives or something.

Re: Does Deimos have a british accent?

This is a distinct possibility.

Re: who to trust?

Amy, I'm not sure that Sashka is really contemplating who to trust so much here, as how to get away from these crazy people. XD

The choice is obvious

He should trust the magical kitty.

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