The page that nearly wasn't

So my tools decided to pitch a fit in the middle of inking this page, and I ran out of ink. I didn't want to switch to tech pens mid-page from using a brush pen, and my other brush pen are all CRAP. I have been searching for a good bottled ink recently to make the jump into inking with a brush, but shying away everytime I made a stroke on an actual comic page. Well, I had to ink with something, and I wasn't getting ink cartridges for my pen until Monday at the earliest, so away I went. I was pleasantly surprised at how obedient the brush ended up being after we began to understand each other. I am still waiting for decent ink to arrive, but what I had on had did the trick for now. Super proud of myself.

Also, I've had a blast drawing these pages where Sashka is going o_o at EVERYTHING.