What could it be!?

I had such a fit of the giggles while drawing and colouring this. Every time I was working on the panel (or even scrolled past the panel) where Deven says "Sashka? Did you..." I would always end up completing it with "oh, no I guess not." Which may only be amusing to me, but with the slow speed of MAKING comics, as opposed to reading them, sometimes the script takes on an entirely different meaning by the end of production just because you've been staring at it for SO LONG.

In other news, my brush didn't behave quite so nicely this time. That might have had something to do with the 48 hours of splitting headache I had during the parts where I have to stare into a giant light for a couple hours, or maybe the brush is just a jerk. I should be getting my new ink in a couple days, so maybe that will help? Oh! And I'm finally getting a desk, so I might be able to improve my production times, rather than just falling asleep in a puddle of drool over my drawing board on the couch. This couch? Fantastically comfy, not a good working environment.