Character Testing - Etreille

So I've been having a hell of a time getting through two pages a week lately, much to my own dismay and distress. Shamus has been trying to figure out what he can do to help me feel better, and a thing he suggested was to start posting a sketch every Monday instead of smashing my head against a page. We're going to see if this lets me get ahead on the pages a little bit, so that I can go back to two pages a week eventually, while not dropping all updates down to once a week. So you get to see some rough work from behind the scenes!

I need the time to do these rough sketches anyway, or else I have a situation like the day before I started page that Deimos appeared on recently (in the woods), where I frantically scribbled out some character designs to cement his appearance in my head again. As it was, I forgot to give him coat tails, so I'm just saying he has two suits, which freed me up to put him in a darker colour anyway. >_>

Sketches will be going up in their own subcategory so they won't disrupt a read-through of the archive, and they won't just disappear forever once they go down. They might be just a quick doodle in pencil, or I might go crazy and take the time to do a nice painted thing, or maybe I'll show a photo of my cat. Who knows!?

Sorry for all the delays and stuff lately. It bothers me just as much as it bothers you, only I have way more days to dwell on it! :D Hopefully this will help me get my feet under me again, and we'll be sailing away on a merry 2-page-a-week boat in the not too distant future.

Thanks for your comments and support. It really does mean a lot. <3

Sketch Archive

Head over to the "archive" link in the sidebar to see the sketch archive. Granted, there is only one thing there now, but I figured I'd point this out since Lesley mentioned that you would still be able to see them when they went down.

Good luck!

Just wanted to say this sounds like a good plan and hopefully it makes your life easier as I would hate for working on the comic to become too much of a drain! There's nothing wrong with realizing one's owns limitations. Also, sketches are fun. So anyway, just wanted to say I've enjoyed what you've done so far and look forward to continuing to read more!

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