Ash's pyjamas

So, I was really distractable this week, lamed out, and didn't get the page even started inking before... well... I haven't started inking it as of this post. I have the page tapes to the light board and everything, but yeah... if I scanned it now, you'd get the whole polar bear in a snowstorm thing happening.

Since I want to keep with pages going up on Thursdays (we get better pageviews then) you can look forward to another doodle come Monday, and I might actually have some time to build a tiny little buffer.

I also received my art desk today, and while there have been a few hurdles involving jauntily angles and crappy screwdrivers, I should have a working desk in an hour or so. It's very exciting.

Derp, really pyjamas this time.

And then I forgot to go and talk about the doodle, which is Ash with bed hair in his tie-dye t-shirt and bunny rabbit pyjama pants.

Chrome is trying to tell me that I'm spelling pyjamas wrong. What say you?

Wouldn't spelling it that way

Wouldn't spelling it that way make them (pee-jah-ma-s) instead of (pah-jah-ma-s)?

Just saiyan.


No, see, I've always pronounced it (pih-ja-mas). o_o


Pyjamas is the British spelling, guys. If your spellcheck is complaining it's because you've got the American dictionary installed. Yep!

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