Ash's pyjamas

So, I was really distractable this week, lamed out, and didn't get the page even started inking before... well... I haven't started inking it as of this post. I have the page tapes to the light board and everything, but yeah... if I scanned it now, you'd get the whole polar bear in a snowstorm thing happening.

Since I want to keep with pages going up on Thursdays (we get better pageviews then) you can look forward to another doodle come Monday, and I might actually have some time to build a tiny little buffer.

I also received my art desk today, and while there have been a few hurdles involving jauntily angles and crappy screwdrivers, I should have a working desk in an hour or so. It's very exciting.

Derp, really pyjamas this time.

And then I forgot to go and talk about the doodle, which is Ash with bed hair in his tie-dye t-shirt and bunny rabbit pyjama pants.

Chrome is trying to tell me that I'm spelling pyjamas wrong. What say you?