Oh Sashka, you are such a wet blanket.

Yeah, so apparently roasting pumpkin seeds takes a hell of a long time in my oven, and I didn't have time to finish the shades on this before Friday hit. I figured since I let Monday sketchday go by without so much as a whisper, I would upload what I had done, and I'll finish the shades in the morning.


Oh man you guys, if you ever are taking Effexor XR for any period of time, don't forget to take it until 10 hours after you usually take it, because hooboy does it ever mess with your ability to do anything but stare vacantly. Good times! :D

Sorry again for the lateness of this. I know it seems to be becoming a habit. Shamus and I are working hard to figure out a solution to it, for serious.

Now I have to go make rice milk in my swanky new blender. Pumpkin pie smoothies are a productivity fix, honest.