Terra Dress-up

Wherein Terra channels a bit of Mai on the left, and wonders who stole her hand on the right.

When it came time to draw Terra in the last page, I realized that I didn't have a clue what she was going to wear, and Shamus had indicated some sort of costume change from the previous day-wear. Cue me going to various fashion and shopping websites as research.

The one of the left is one I found that looked nice, but was too high-fashion for Terra. It might make a show again when Mai comes back into the picture. The henley style one, on the right, is a combination of a few shirts, but mostly a nice striped one I found that had ridiculous sleeves.

Yep, I plan the visual designs in this comic about 5 minutes before they go onto the page. Same thing happened with the "not-a-unicorn" on the last page. I'm a professional. :D