Terra Dress-up

Wherein Terra channels a bit of Mai on the left, and wonders who stole her hand on the right.

When it came time to draw Terra in the last page, I realized that I didn't have a clue what she was going to wear, and Shamus had indicated some sort of costume change from the previous day-wear. Cue me going to various fashion and shopping websites as research.

The one of the left is one I found that looked nice, but was too high-fashion for Terra. It might make a show again when Mai comes back into the picture. The henley style one, on the right, is a combination of a few shirts, but mostly a nice striped one I found that had ridiculous sleeves.

Yep, I plan the visual designs in this comic about 5 minutes before they go onto the page. Same thing happened with the "not-a-unicorn" on the last page. I'm a professional. :D

fashion fun!

I think you made a great choice in regards to fashion and sensibility here, The layered option seems smart and cute and works great. I like that top in the left too though, it looks fashionable and comfy! It's great when those two things can combine. Also, too bad about the unicorns. Even if Sashka's response might have been the same/similar if faced with unicorns instead of mystical dream-prophecy-ships of "oh crap".

I think I finally figured out

I think I finally figured out the artist that your stuff reminds me of so much. Have you ever seen an anime called Kino's Journey? The artist for that Kouhaku Kuroboshi's work reminds me a bit of yours. Not identical, but I have one of his art books and I think it's such a nice clean style.


CJ, you are awesome. I quite enjoyed Kino's Journey. So strange, so good, so pretty. I am very pleased to hear that comparison. :3 Thank you!

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