Deven, where did you put that flashlight? Seriously, where did it go?

I think half the hits on the site here are me going and checking something for continuity's sake. In the next little while, I'm planning to do model sheets and prop and location sheets so that things are a little less random. I was telling Shamus today about how, if Ashayta ever goes to print, the whole damn thing is going to need to be redrawn for continuity. I think flashlights are the worst though. There was a near thing with Lance's package of sausages and his cooking stick, but I caught that one in thumbnails.

yay for hits!

I know I check in daily, sometimes multiple times daily to see if a new comic has been loaded. And there was today! Hooray! Though come early Jan, I'm going to be incapacitated and unable to check in much (likely at all). The silver lining, when I can check back in, I'll have lots of backlog to read! Well, some. PS: Don't kill everyone off while I'm incapacitated please! :P

Yeah, I'm planning on

Yeah, I'm planning on redrawing a bunch of stuff from at least my first, probably first and second, chapters once I get to the print stage. So much of these early pages end up being all about figuring stuff out.

On the plus side, I haven't felt at all lost by visual continuity in your work. It might be the week-to-week part of it but it all looks pretty good to me.

PS: are the bubbles in panel

PS: are the bubbles in panel 4 maybe mixed up? Just curious because it seems like ash is saying "alright. So long as you're careful" which somewhat confuses Deven's response in panel 5? poofs off to work


Those are some epic scraping and wrenching noises.
I am pleased!

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