Blegh. Raise your hand if you didn't see this coming. :D

Seriously though, I hate to do this, but I think it'll be best for the comic and for you guys. Now you know when to check for a comic, and I have a different sort of pressure to put on myself for getting pages done. I've set myself a ridiculous goal that will hopefully put me well ahead of our posting rate, as well as getting used to getting out of bed and bloody well working.

One of the things Shamus and I agreed on when we moved out here, that since I am unable to work legally, I would make art my full time job. Yeah, turns out that's really hard, and I've been doing a piss poor job at it. I don't think he's about to ship me back to my parents though, so instead we get to try to figure out a way to get me working more often than not.

I'm going to try pencilling a batch of pages at a time, then inking them, then flats, etc. This seemed to work pretty well for a little bit there in the summer, when I thought I could do two pages a week, and then promptly fell on my face. If I can get a bunch of pages done up before posting time, then I can keep in the swing of doing say.. 3 pages at a time, instead of rushing to finish the one page before the posting time.

I also plan to try to keep a tumblr updated during all this (haha, way to make this hard on myself), so if you're interested in that, you should check out http://ashayta.tumblr.com/ and poke me a lot if I fall silent.

Now my fridge is making alarming noises, so I have to go check that out, and then get on Shamus's case to get me some thumbnails to work on this week. <3

Dude, totally reasonable. I

Dude, totally reasonable. I can't work on the one page at a time thing myself so I know exactly where you're coming from, not to mention the whole moving thing. You might want to check out the Google + drawing hangouts. When you get a bunch of artists together sketching things tend to move more quickly and it's a great way to meet people.

Totally understandable. I

Totally understandable. I can't do the one page at a time thing myself. I always like to work in large chunks and that tends to make things move more quickly. I also hear you on the big life changes thing. You might want to check out the Google + hangouts. When you get a bunch of artists sketching together things tend to get done more quickly. Either way, good luck!

Yay, cured!

Ok, maybe my jager suggestion didn't see you through your illness, but you appear healthier now! Or at least the sketches give that impression. Good call on the hiatus thing, this time of year especially is particularly difficult to keep up with. All web comic artists seem to take breaks and hiatus from time to time, usually developing a bit of a backlog in that time, or procrastinating a bit and then making a bit of a backlog at the last minute, but I'm way happier with seeing a break than a discontinuation. Hope you and Shamus enjoy your Holidays!


CJ: Yeah, I should probably climb out of my shell and do the hangouts thing. My new computer doesn't have a webcam and mic, but that's easily remedied.

amy: oh goodness, no, you'll not see a discontinuation! Shamus and I have been working on this for far too many years, even before beginning posting pages, for us to quit now. We have actually discussed what would happen to the comic if one of us were to have an accident of some sort. Morbid, maybe, but definitely something that we worried about enough to talk about. Thanks for the well wishes, and hope your season is enjoyable too!


attack of the bots

Looks like those pesky bots have launched an attack against your recaptcha'ing? That, or someone really wants you guys to do more freelance writing. Looking forward to seeing these comics go back up in the next few days, It'll be just after my birthday, and just before I'm out for a few weeks due to upcoming surgery. Good luck getting those bots back in their place. Who knows, maybe we'll have login accounts in the future, with user settings, avatars, and such. Hope you guys enjoyed a rocking Holiday season, and are feeling good vibes for the new year :)

Uhg, bots

Eugh, yeah. Spam bots got a little out of hand there. Not exactly sure what they hope to accomplish! Anyway, I've deleted all the spam comments.

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