And we're back!

I missed you guyyyyyssssssss! D:

I had an incredibly unproductive hiatus, BUT I believe I am getting back on track. I have a good month off, and I am figuring stuff out, and Shamus also got me some really inspirational books for Christmas which have really gotten me chomping to go. We're planning to buy actual desks in the upcoming month or two, and I've been looking at cork rolls for transforming a wall of our apartment into a giant corkboard of Ashaytadom.

Come Monday morning, I am going to call the local polytechnical college and harass them about letting me go draw their nekkid models so I can start comprehending how legs fit into the torso again, and I've already picked up a couple new sketchbooks which I plan to have filled up in the next month or two. The cropped image on the right is from a series of pages in one of the sketchbooks where I am working on Deven's model sheet.

Some people might do model sheets before they start posting pages, but I clearly say pfft to that. However, I am starting to get sick of having to hunt back for pages to see whether Deven has any stitching on his shoes, or if Ash has a hood and so on, so I am working on creating a guide to my own characters to remind me what they look like.

So things are moving right along here in the background, and while I didn't get my 15 or 10 pages (or even 5) done while on my break, it was still good for me, and I think it was very helpful. Shamus and I are going to continue to assess and reassess and see what things can change to get me up to a proper production level sooner rather than later.

Glad to know you're doing

Glad to know you're doing well. Sometimes a break is the best thing a person can do and can help get actual perspective on what you're trying to do and what you actually can do.

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