Well, what did you expect?

Seriously, Deven, why are you so shocked to find something horrifying? Did you guys even look into the cockpit there because you jumped in (yet another question in "ways Ashayta could have ended early)?

I am still colouring pages in Painter 12, despite the fact that I purchased the Adobe Production Premium Creative Suite recently. The main reason is familiarity, really, and you know, familiarity breeds contempt. Painter is kind of ass at saving. Since I am using productivity hacks to get work done while no one is looking over my shoulder to keep me on task (I'm an adult, really!), I find it very annoying when I have to sit around waiting for two whole minutes while Painter chugs along to save the file, and Windows starts freaking out about whether or not the program is responding. I have to start teaching myself more of Photoshop's keyboard shortcuts so that I can switch over, since I get really confused when trying to swap back and forth. PS also has some time-saving things that might get me through my pages faster as well.

I do happen to have a monthly magazine subscription to ImagineFX, which you might think would help me learn the ropes a bit faster, but the funny thing about that is how you actually have to go through and do the workshops, instead of learning by osmosis. You'd think I'd look into that by now (and of course, as I am actually DONE THIS PAGE EARLY, I might be working on that sort of thing by the time you are reading this!).

ps: Why don't I have Ashayta saved to my browser's spell check dictionary yet?