I think Terra plays the flute anyway. I could be wrong, I didn't check. :B I have a list of prompts that I have been trying to use as inspiration for like.. the last two years, and I think this is the first drawing that I've successfully managed. I browsed through it, thinking of drawing Lance, but then I saw "props: flute" and got this image in my head, which was much less ambitious than any of the other images that were sparking for Lance, so Terra it is!

Sorry this is a little late, yesterday I was asleep, and then I had a splitting headache, and then Shamus wanted to play Terraria, so drawings didn't happen. Then I stayed up half the night feeling crappy, so I made a giant ambitious to-do list in order of priority, and this was tops on it. Now I go finish the pencils for page 56, and get to work on inks etc. I have some delusion that I might be thumbnailing page 57 by this evening, after cleaning out the fridge and making bread and dinner. Ha!

Also appearing:

Fur from the most helpful assistants; my kitties.


She does play the flute.