So tired

Next time I decide that I need to go to IKEA enough that I am willing to bike, someone please remind me that it takes all bloody day? x_x

I drew these doodles of Lance while I was sitting around in Shamus's workplace after dark Sunday night. He had to go in to commit some code, and then everything was broken, and there was dinner involved, and then a bunch of waiting around, and then we froze to death on the bike ride home.

We are getting desks and a BED FRAME on Tuesday, so we don't have to use the wobbly art desk I bought a couple months ago, and the kitchen table as our computer desks anymore. And we're getting a book shelf, and... um.. yeah, that's it, really. We brought our desk lamps home on our bikes, and also a jar of lingonberry sauce. In a few weeks time, we should be looking at getting another bookshelf, and desk chairs, and night tables, and maybe even a dresser, so our laundry doesn't have to live on the couch anymore. :D

It is classy times here in California, let me tell you. Mattress on the floor, clean laundry on the couch. Oh yeah. B)


Personally, I prefer to think of the trip as having purchased some desk lamps and a jar of lingonberry preserves worth several hundred dollars.