Guys. Next page starts the page where I don't have to think about lighting in a basically unlit spaceship anymore. SO EXCITING!

I am getting ever so slightly better at working on my work lately. I'm not perfect, this page is about 2.5 hours late, but I am definitely starting to have a mind to working most of the day instead of slacking off constantly. Now if I could just adjust my working methods such that they wouldn't UTTERLY DESTROY my left shoulder, I would be set.

The soundtrack for most of this page was, of all things, a LibriVox recording of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. I have rediscovered that listening to audiobooks makes it a lot easier to focus, since there is no visual component to the story that I want to watch, and it is a bit less ambient than just music. I'd never read Tom Sawyer when I was younger, so I am pleasantly surprised at what an enjoyable book its been so far. If there any any out-of-copyright books that you are aware of that might be entertaining to me (or free audiobooks) don't be afraid to comment, or even hit up my email from the about the authors page.