Crazy hands

Sashka, that can't be a good idea.

Mmmm, hard shadows (some of them anyway). They have a different difficulty to them, but I am pleased to have the change of pace.

I have no idea what I was thinking while drawing half of these hands. The longer I looked at the page to colour it, the more I wondered what on earth these hands were doing. I don't think they're badly drawn, as such, I just think they are confused hands.

Photoshop and I are getting better acquianted. I have figured out how to make the pencil tool stop being pressure sensitive (turn off the Transfer checkbox in the brush palette), and as I set up more one click shortcuts on my mouse and stylus, things get easier and easier. Flats have gotten faster, to the tune of taking only an hour and a half for this page, as opposed to somewhere in the area of 3 to 5 hours without using the multifill plugin, as outlined by this page:

And on a last note, how is the size of the lettering here? I went down 2 marks on my letter guide, as I felt last page's letters were HUGE! but these look a little on the small side to me in comparison. Maybe click back two pages to compare to my unguided letters, rather than using last page as a comparison.

Sashka Paladin

time to see if Sashka has Lay on Hands for today. I wonder if Mai can count as a deity. ponder ponder


It's neat seeing the sketch and then the final result.
I think the lettering on both pages looks fine. The larger lettering might work better if it is ever put on a smaller A-size of paper. (manga)

Color fill

It's a sad state of affairs, since fuzzy color fill is effectively a solved problem. Daniel Sykora in particular has come up with a great algorithm. Take a look at this video to see how easy flatting could be:

...just a few quick, sloppy color strokes, and the computer figures out where the most-likely boundaries are -- no need to close borders or even convert to black-and-white. And if it gets it wrong, a few more strokes correct it.

It looks like he's had a grad student working on a Photoshop plugin... no word on how/whether it will be released, though. :(

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