Messy Explosions

First of all, I am really starting to loathe that jacket Sashka's wearing. Such a pain in the ass to colour, you have no idea.

This page nearly exploded messily at the very end. I went to save the flat tif, and when I opened it in Irfanview, all I saw was the two colour layer mask. So I opened it back up in Painter, and the layer mask was missing from my last texturing layer, and when I tried to retrace my steps, Painter kept crashing when I would try to make a selection. I think it crashed 3 times before I managed to get the selection made and the mask back in place. I held my breathe with every step, and saved about 10 times with different filenames.

Good times, I tell you what.


Artist is a flake, had a rough week, got torched by sun, did not finish comic. Will update Thursday. ded x_x