Things are happening

Hey guys, so I'm terrible at keeping things updated, eh?

Here's what's going on. My medications have sorted themselves out, and I am feeling much better. I have lost the ability to draw the characters "on model" and have been working diligently to regain that ability, and also to make model sheets for my to refer to so I don't have to keep running page to page 37 for whatever thing is on that page (I have no idea while I'm typing this, but I'm curious now).

The next page is drawn, inked, and flatted, and is waiting on me to remember how to do the shading. The three pages after that have been thumbnailed for months, and then I have placed the panel borders on three full sized sheets, waiting for me to go and rough in and draw on them for the next scene.

In the meantime, I have begun attending some figure drawing classes (working from the model on the first night we went helped me work through "how is Sashka so damned scrawny"), as well as working on strengthening my drawing foundations. Shamus and I are discussing sending me to school in a year or so, which is lighting a fire under me to get better at drawing (all the time!) so I can maybe get a scholarship or something when I apply.

All of this to say that I am not dead, and I am working diligently behind the scenes, and things are moving along back here. This is a page of feline "skeletons" that I was working on last week, in attempts to get a better understanding of how the "magical kitty" works and moves. Too bad my own cats are short and stocky and fat and fluffy, instead of tall and lanky and sleek. (This is not the most recent work in my sketchbook, but the stuff from last night is horizontal format, and this one is vertical so it fits the site layout better.)

I love you guys, I'm sorry I've made you wait so long, and thanks for sticking around. <3