It liiiiiivvess!!!!

So that was rather more time consuming than we had planned. We are so extremely sorry, and thanks to those of you who haven't removed us from your RSS feeds or follow lists or bookmarks. Truly, we appreciate it.

Pro tip: Don't make your first webcomic have a spotted cat. This is the only model sheet that lives right next to my desk at all times when I'm drawing pages, because jeez, those spots.

You know, we were all geared up to start posting pages again around a month ago, and then I came down with the cold/infection/sickness from hell. It took me 4 weeks to begin feeling better, despite antibiotics and rest and loads and loads of sleep. Would not buy again. D:

The good news, though, is that I am better, and I am steaming right along to a steady output again, and here we are, about to begin regular Thursday updates. There are plans in place to increase the number of pages/updates per week, but first I have to get good at doing a page a week again (and maybe get past the winter holidays and traveling that we'll be doing in a couple months)!

Glad to be back!