We're back!

Yaaaayy, we're back! So exciting! Good thing we're getting back into things just as the holiday season is starting. And we're even traveling over Christmas! What is this madness? (I have a buffer!)

I've figured out an amazing method for not freezing my hands off while I paint comic pages. I have a shoulder wrap-style electric heating pad that I put on my desk under the tablet, turn it on, and set the tablet on top of it. It is excellent. One thing that causes delays in the comics process is when I am too cold to work. My tablet, drawing board, and my drafting desk all like to suck the heat out of my hands and arms, and I end up cranky and frozen. This heating pad under the tablet helps for part of the process. For my drawing board/table, I have recently acquired a small heating pad that I keep in my lap, and warm my hands in short increments. Tea also helps, but I have always liked to have a cup of tea to keep my company while I draw. Comics is a lonely business.

Starting on Monday, the 19th, I will be taking an online Drawing for Comics course, so I might not be up for getting sketches ready for Monday postings. I'll have to see what I can churn out between now and then, while keeping up on and hopefully increasing my buffer pages.


Hooray, you're back! I'm also curious about the online course you're taking. I've been trying to find some good but not too pricey courses to keep myself in practice.

re: Classes?

Heeey CJ! :D I am taking the class from CG Society Workshops, taught by Tim Mcburnie. I don't think it's quite full yet, if you can scrape together the cash. I wouldn't call it "inexpensive" so much as Shamus and I decided that we could pay a little less on our credit cards last month. >_> You save $50 by getting a CGS Connect Membership, too! :D

Check it out here: http://workshops.cgsociety.org/courseinfo.php?id=324

Well, I've gone ahead and

Well, I've gone ahead and signed up. I had some birthday cash coming in so I might as well put it to good use. It looks like a good course and I definitely want to get some more training.

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