Spots. So many spots.

Kitty, your head's on backwards there in the second last panel. You might wanna look to that.

I tell you what, though, it is useful having two feline models at your disposal when trying to create a feline character. My kitties are pretty short and stocky in comparison, but the parts and movements are all there. They don't much like me poking at their rib cages and groping their shoulder blades, though. Funny, that.

Comic class is great. It is definitely changing my process. Shamus and I just bought a tabloid size printer so I can start doing my roughs in Photoshop and printing them out to do cleanup, lettering, and inks. The most exciting thing is that it means than I won't have to redraw a single character's head 20 times to get it the right size and the right location. So awesome. So. Awesome.