Oh man, we finally got some answers about what's going on! ...Wait... wait.. no. No, we didn't. :| Good job, Sashka. A for effort.

There is a great big cat sitting in my lap as I type this. Not as big as Kei, but still pretty big. He is my assistant. :3

My comics course is coming along. Something I did for homework actually broke Photoshop or something this morning, and I had to delete my preferences file to get my lasso tools back! I have no idea what happened, since I was just doing a tonal piece, rather similar to a shading layer for Ashayta. I was pleased to figure it out though, and more pleased to discover that I didn't have to reset all of my brushes and keyboard shortcuts and so on once I restarted Photoshop.

So this week in my comics course, we are refining an idea and inking, and next week we do colour. I am very interested to do the colour, since that is where I am most dissatisfied with Ashayta. I want to do amazing painterly things with Ashayta, not multiply-layer shading.

I have just completed the last "thumbnailed on paper" page that I plan to do for a while. My comics course has shown me the value of moving heads and limbs and resizing the same in Photoshop, rather than drawing the item in question 20 times over trying to get it right. We got an A3 printer last week, so I don't even have to tape sheets of paper together to get the page printed out at real size! Now I just need to do my paper testing and choose which new paper I'm going to move to using for the pages, because I've had it up to here with the marker paper I use right now (not to mention that I need something printer friendly!).

Jeez, I'm wordy this week. :O