This paaaaage, maaaan. Everybody lookin' down, falling all over the place, interacting with each other in ways that require anatomical plausibility? What does Shamus think I am? D: Not only all that, but I realized after I had the page nicely resized and ready to go that it had entirely slipped my mind to add in the giant, torso-sized bloodstains in every panel, until I was done colouring the next page.

I'm pretty sure I drew every face in this page about 20 times over, trying to get them to look right. I am substantially better at drawing downward looking faces now. The page I just finished drawing (I am, as of writing this comment, two pages ahead in terms of drawing) has four or five downward faces, for different characters, and I barely batted an eyelash for them. So, at least I got something out of the agony! Now I just need to draw some awful page where everyone is looking way up at something.

Hey Lesley, it's the Courtney

Hey Lesley, it's the Courtney from your class! I must have missed this link in your intro - this page looks super great and really love your guy's expressions (have not read enough to get his name yet!)...very impressed! Will have a look around...

Hope your holidays were lovely!


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