Lighting changes!

I had this page partly shaded before I realized I needed to change some of the flat colours due to the lighting changes. And wait, how do you use this blue moonlight colour again? Trees? What? How do I draw all this stuff?

I tell you one thing though, I was pretty glad to say goodby to those boxes within boxes. Way more trouble than I expected when I threw the "design" on them in page 64. There was actually a lot to figure in them, from plausible perspective to "wait, how do I make sure this inner square thing is centered?"

That is always a concern with offhandedly tossing some design element in without thinking it through. Way back when Terra has climbed out of her tent in her pyjamas, I pointedly asked Shamus how many panels she was going to be in like that, because there was no way I was having her tramp all over the mountainside in plaid pyjamas. Same with Ash's bunny pants, though I should have killed his tie-dye shirt at the same time. There are quite a number of panels throughout this sequence where the black lines in his tie-dye have been added digitally because I forgot them during inks.