About the Authors

Lesley Penney - Artist

Lesley has entirely too many drawings of Sashka in her sketchbooks, and occasionally likes to think she can veto having characters in the comic if they're misbehaving while going onto the page. She drinks an obscene amount of tea, is supervised by two cats, and has a great fondness for wool. She has not updated her music library in any quantity since the late 90s.

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Shamus Peveril - Writer

A software engineer by day, Shamus writes Ashayta, plays games of various stripes (video, board, role-playing), builds video games, and draws in the evenings and on weekends (when he is able to avoid wasting all of his free time on the Internet). He is fuelled by coffee and pastries. He also likes to play and sing music and harbours not-so-secret ambitions to eventually own several very expensive instruments.

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