The Cast

Sashka Revida

Sashka was raised by a music student, Mai Corelli, after she picked him up off the street when he was 14. He is usually unwilling to elaborate on his earlier life. Mai taught him to play guitar, and together they form the core of a local metal/rock band called Morality. He is now in the first year of a science major with plans to move onto medical school and genetic sciences.

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Deven Clarke

A hardcore nerd, Deven is in the second year of the engineering program. Although an able student, he routinely infuriates his professors by refusing to settle down into a specialty and taking a broad spectrum of studies from psychic programming to historical re-creationist steam engineering. He and Ash have been friends for as long as either of them can remember (and probably longer). Sometimes Deven can't really remember why.

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Ash Wade

Ash is a second year chemistry major, and he takes as few chemistry courses as he can get away with. He loves pretty much everyone, calls his mother every weekend, and loves to get his little sister to come visit him at the University. Deven is his best friend forever. Hyperactive and silly, Ash is good at lightening the mood even at times when it is inappropriate.

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Lance Verges

Lance is a first-year engineering student, with a focus on mechanical technology. Born without the psychic powers that nearly every other Edanian possesses, Lance has had a fairly rough life, made only harder by the fact that his parents died in a terrible accident when he was young. His aunt and uncle, noticing his inclination towards mech-tech, encouraged his tinkering and he hasn't looked back.

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Lance is based on a character created by Les.

Terra Tenshi

Terra is a prodigious student, currently in her first-year of engineering studies, with minors in mathematics and dance. She comes from a wealthy family, but like most students lives in residence on the University grounds. She is pleasant company but can be rather guarded; she often comes across as aloof and cold, especially with strangers. Deven's friends are convinced that she is Deven's girlfriend.

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Terra is based on a character created by Amy.