O hai, kitty!

Man, I do some of the biggest cop outs for backgrounds sometimes. I think that's fair though, considering when I started this scene I placed the sun where it should be in the sky, and therefore made EVERYTHING BACKLIT. Hff. Hopefully everything still reads alright.

You may have noticed some changes here on the front page. Shamus spent some time beating the website with a heavy rock so the logo would be readable on narrow resolutions (such as iPhones and tabletPCs), as well as fiddling with the navigation buttons and adding some other things. Let us know if you find anything that's broken.

We joined a site last week called inkOUTBREAK, and it has already bumped our readership despite having no updates yet. It's based on tags and a header bar, so you can choose tags that you want to follow, and it will let you click through a whole big list of them, or somesuch. Click the link to check it out, and maybe click to be a fan if you want. It's always nice to see people enjoying our baby.

New Page Design

As Lesley said, I reworked the design for the page. Less wasted space, and this should play a little more nicely with narrower screen resolutions. Let us know if there are any lingering issues with it!